Library For All

With Brisbane Hacks for Humanity (a social software user group I host) we are currently working with Rebecca MacDonald, founder and CEO of Library for All is a great initiative I wanted to quickly present here.

The goal of Library For All is to provide free digital books in areas of the world of low literacy and low bandwidth. As an example they recently run a KickStarter campaign in Haiti, where they provided cheap tablets with books in Creole (the mainstream language in Haiti) to a school attended by slave children.


When I first met Rebecca and heard what she is are trying to achieve I was really touched and impressed by her drive and how much time she is giving to the cause despite her just having had a baby.

I can’t talk in details of what Brisbane Hacks for Humanity is doing for Rebecca at the moment but it is a very cool project that involves worms and famous people. So please join Brisbane Hacks for Humanity to help use bring free digital ebooks to all kids around the world.