Corsica on SBS. I could smell it from here…

I watched this cooking program last week about Corsican natural delicacies: fermented goat cheese (“bruccio”) donuts, courgette flowers, honey, cuttlefish and other rock fishes (“mustella”), figs, mandarines, and above all Le Maquis (“la macchia”)… I was overwhelmed!

If you like the Mediterranean, want to discover Corsica from you coach, and in search of your next cooking experience, watch this.

A Tortoise Paradise

15 years ago, a little piece of heaven was created in Corsica for a animal that is fairly badly known, although part of popular culture in most countries around the world: the tortoise.

“A Cupulatta” (little dome in Corsican), was created in 1998 as a center for abandoned and hurt Herman tortoises that are well spread in Corsica. I remember when I was a kid we used to find quite a few in the little wood surrounding our house. Well, nowadays, like many other species, Herman tortoises are endangered and protected, so that they cannot be displaced from their natural habitat.

Since then “A Cupulatta” has grown to be the only park dedicated to tortoises and turtles in Europe, with more than 3000 tortoises and 170 different species. It is truly en enchantment to wander in the alleys, cross the wood bridges, peep through the aquarium glass of this huge park (2.5 ha), and watch the giant Galapagos tortoise, the scary Alligator turtle, or the cute little Golden tortoises fresh from the incubator.      Another Corsican wonder that I highly recommend you visit, only 30 minutes from Ajaccio. And once the visit is finished one can still relax in the shade of the chestnut trees for a well deserved picnic! Oh, and I almost forgot: pick a sunny day to visit the park, as most tortoises will show their pretty face only when the whether is nice and warm, otherwise they will hide and sleep (they did adapt well to the Corsican habits).

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